No Worries

No Worries Cuisine is a family owned and operated food truck with markets all over the Bay Area, CA. We are proud to offer authentic Filipino flavors with an entirely vegan menu. 


Book the No Worries Food Truck!

Tell us about your event and let's discuss the best option for you! It's our pleasure to feed you and your guests our style of Filipino Vegan Cuisine!             

  • Food Truck Event                                                                                      Are you having an awesome event where patrons are paying for their own food? Contact us for our minimum requirements and let's get the ball rolling!      

  • Food Truck Catering                                                                    Corporate or Private - Let's determine a price per plate for each guest and we'll come out to your location!

  • Drop-Off Catering                                                                                      Choose from the Catering Menu and we'll deliver catering trays to your location! 

  • Personal Chef Service (4 hours - shop, travel, cooking, clean up) This service allows Chef Jay-Ar to craft his cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Chef Jay-Ar will shop for ingredients, bring the necessary cooking equipment and travel to your home to prepare 3 main dishes.  Cooking time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.  This service is ideal for a family gathering or party.  Food will feed about 12-15 people or can be stored away for the week.

  • Cooking Demo (3 hours - shop, travel, demonstration)                  The cooking demonstration by Chef Jay-Ar is a step by step process, highlighting the techniques of Filipino vegan cooking.  Chef Jay-Ar will exhibit 2 dishes, showcase protein substitutes, as well as discuss spices and ingredient alternatives.  For the presentation, Chef Jay-Ar and his team will bring a projector and screen (unless provided by the facility), plus a video camera to give the audience a live perspective into the pot/pan. The demonstration does not provide food for the audience unless ordered from the Catering Menu.

  • Heat & Eat Weekly Meals                                                                            This service is perfect if you want to save time and energy! Order online from our Heat & Eat Menu by Friday 5pm to receive your meals on Monday!  Pick up or delivery service available!  





Food Truck Locations

Weekly Lunch @ Greenway 31

  • Fridays                1240 67th St Oakland, Ca              11-2

Biweekly Lunch @ San Francisco General Hospital

  • Mondays            1001 Potrero Ave San Francisco, Ca  1130-230

Monthly Dinner @ First Fridays Festival  

  • Telegraph Ave & 27th st                  Oakland, Ca            5-9      


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